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The Federation of
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Life at The Federation of Holy Trinity and Little Marlow CE Schools Life at The Federation of Holy Trinity and Little Marlow CE Schools Life at The Federation of Holy Trinity and Little Marlow CE Schools Life at The Federation of Holy Trinity and Little Marlow CE Schools

Our Christian Values

‘A loving family where we encourage each other to flourish' 

Our termly values are:







What does it mean to be a Church of England (C.E.) school?

Holy Trinity is a Voluntary Aided (VA) Church of England School. A voluntary aided school is a state-funded school in which a foundation or trust (usually a Christian denomination) has substantial influence in the running of the school.

How do our school’s Christian Values reflect the distinctive Christian character of our school?


Our School Prayer

This is our school

Let peace dwell here

Let the rooms be full of contentment

Let love abide here

Love of God

Love of one another

Love of mankind

And love of life itself

Let us remember that as many hands build a house

So many hearts make a school




What is Holy Trinity all about?

This is our school

At Holy Trinity we wish to develop a sense of belonging in all who teach and learn.  This brings with it ownership and the responsibility of stewardship for the physical environment and the learning environment.

Let peace dwell here…

Growing up is a complex process during which social and cognitive skills are developed.  Complexity can bring conflict, but we aim to create a context of peace in which all who work and learn can do so in safety and confidence, and in a way in which any conflict is resolved to the benefit of all.

 Let the rooms be full of contentment …

When children feel that sense of ownership, when they feel responsible for their environment, when they take on the responsibility of stewardship, when they know they are learning and achieving, there will be contentment.

The appropriate implementation of the National Curriculum will contribute to a real sense of achievement for children, teachers, parents and Governors.  With this sense of achievement will come a positive attitude to themselves and others.

Let love  abide here ….

Love, in its widest sense, is that quality from which flows a concern for the whole person.  All who work and learn at Holy Trinity work towards building this quality into all that is done.

Love of God.

As a church school, the motivation for all that we do is built upon an acknowledgement of One who created the world about which we learn, and who gave to humanity the capacity to make a spiritual response to the multitude of experiences that come to us every day.  Our times of worship, and opportunities to consider these things in the Religious Education curriculum  form a vital part of our life at school.

Love of one another

We are unique individuals, having different gifts and talents:  made in the image of God.  We work towards developing a respect and concern for each other, acknowledging our differences and appreciating each other’s abilities.

Love of mankind …

We are part of a larger community, a world community.  In our curriculum, we endeavour to provide opportunities to understand the richness of thought and practice that make up the many communities around us, and to acknowledge our common humanity within them.

And love for life itself ….

The interaction of humanity with the created world and the richness of our culture provide great opportunities for the deep and positive experiences of life, enhancing our understanding and enjoyment of the world in which we live.  Our curriculum endeavours to contribute to this goal.

Let us remember that as many hands build a house.  So many hearts make a school.

Holy Trinity is a community of people with a common purpose.  All who work and learn here endeavour to create, through the network of relationships that pervade each day, an environment where there is motivation and achievement, mutual respect and appreciation, self-confidence and partnership.  A place where teaching and learning come together in opportunities and experiences that give pleasure and joy, bring understanding and satisfaction and allow the community to grow and develop together.

“Do everything in love”

Corinthians 16:14